Enabling trust-based verification of attributes from self-sovereign digital identities

Verifying and trusting identity attributes is a crucial task in our digital world. IdentityChain provides an efficient and secure solution for this in the context of self-sovereign digital identities.

Dealing with hard copies of passports, cards and account information is costly and cumbersome for services, where “know your customer” (KYC) process has to be implemented. As identity holders obtain credentials from various issuers and use diverse independent services, there is the lack of the single solution, which satisfies all requirements. IdentityChain solutions rely on distributed ledger technologies in order to build an independent and decentralized trust framework that various KYC services join to issue and verify personal digital information in a secure and privacy-aware manner.

Competitive Advantages

  • Paperless identity credentials issuance, validation and revocation
  • Anonymous digital identity for a member
  • Pairwise untraceable relations
  • Chain of trust stored on distributed ledger for instant identification

Target Markets

  • Banks, Governments, and other KYC- dependent services
  • End users with smart devices
  • First The Netherlands, and potentially all European and international markets

Status / Traction

  • ING as initial bank to pilot the solution within KYC process, including the IdentityChain App and the IdentityChain Admin portal created with all project partners
  • Additional partners are Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Technische Universität Berlin, and Centrum van Wiskunde & Informatica

Road Map

  • IdentityChain App pilot will be available for SSI management
  • IdentityChain Admin Portal available for trusted parties

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